Swarna Bindu Prashna


Ayurvedic immunization is an ancient method with modern research based standardization, ideal to be adopted during early years of brain and body development. Like modern vaccines produce immunity against few specific disease, Swarna Bindu Prashna is scientifically proven to produce non specific immunity along with many other positive effects without any side effects.

1) Fortified ghee medicated with herbs which are potent nervine onics like Brahmi
2) Pure ghee extract which is tested for safety and quality standards
3) Purified honey


Health Evaluation


Periodic Full medical examination, Height, Weight, Physical, Oral Health, Eye, Hearing and ENT examination, skin, Nutritional status, Attentiveness, Behaviour will be done by trained professionals under the guidance qualified Doctors like Paediatrician, Dentist, Dietician, Child Counsellors and concerned experts.

All students will be personally examined and enquired regarding health problems.

Screening for common childhood diseases.


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Collection of data of Height, Weight and BMI on monthly basis.

Growth Chart will be prepared to help evaluate normal standards and present condition of the child comparing it with standards given by Indian Paediatric Association(IPA).


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The whole exercise is done systematically in a non time consuming format without disturbing the routine of the school.Data is collected with the help of class teacher or concerned person. Average time required per month is 2 hours for every 1000 students and not conducted during vacations or holidays(alternate arrangements will be done during holidays). Informative colour brochures, Research Material, Parent Consent Forms, Parent testimonials will be provided to the school which can be given during Admission or Parents meet.

1) Swarna Bindu is administered orally as drops once a month on Pushya Nakshatra Day, for 24 consecutive months(except vacation), for all children in the school from age 0 to 16 ideally till 10th standard.
2) Complete Health Evaluation is done on regular basis and reports are generated every 6 months. The reports are self Explanatory with advice on specific diet, Do's and Dont's. Any abnormality will be brought to notice of teachers and parents immediately. Prior consent will be taken from parents and examination will be done in presence of the teachers and concerned authority. However no medications will be administered other than Swarna Bindu. Individual Reports for students as well as class wise combined reports for the school will be provided for school documentation.
3) Growth estimation chart is done once every six months using monthly data of height and weight.


The whole package is economically priced at monthly Rs. 90 per child and Rs. 1080 yearly. The project is for two years per child.

The average pricing available in the market is around Rs. 250 per month in which 100 Rs or more for Swarna Bindu immunization alone.

A substantial part of the proceeds will be used in providing Education, Healthcare, basic amenities like food and clothing in Poor children, Orphanages and Old age homes. Details of the beneficiaries will be provided to the School. An estimated three needy individuals will be benefitted with the proceeds of each child.


Strengthens Immunity and prevents recurrent sicknes and absentia

Improves Memory and thought process, Skills

Increases attention and grasping, prevents attention disorders(ADHD)

Fights common childhood diseases like viral infections

Vitalizes and energises whole body improving physical ability

Improves digestion and assimilation resulting in better growth

Regulation of Growth Harmone (GH) in children till puberty

Readymade health and diet stratergy for parents

Lesser healthcare costs like hospital visits for Swarna Bindu or regular check-up, saving your time and money


Unique facility which is a need of the hour leading to improved perception of school

Better health education and care of children

Sharper and Healthier kids which reflect in overall results of school

Better performance in academic, extra- curricular activities and sports

Happier parents with better Mouth-to-mouth publicity leading to better admissions

Teachers/staff of school will be given free medical check-up and Health Education


Provided to school 1 kit every 100 students

Health charts, Display material and Catalogue

Health education essentials

Height meter and Digital weighing scale

Water purifier (non RO. RO water purifier 1 every 1000 students)

Advanced First aid kit and training

Health science models

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The "HEALTHY SUPERKIDZ" is a pioneering project by 'Homeoayur' in colloboration with 'Efficient Brainy', to provide Ayurvedic immunization and healthcare in all schools, so that every child is equally benefitted and awareness is created among teachers as well as parents, ultimately empowering a wide population.


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